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High-quality products for greater sensuality!

JOYDIVISION's passion lies in the production of sensually erotic lifestyle products that meet the highest quality standards. These high-quality products symbolise an embarrassment-free approach to the topic of sexuality.
The secret to JOYDIVISION's success lies firstly in our high-quality products, which are perfectly configured to consumers' requirements, and secondly in the great number of innovations we have introduced. For example, JOYDIVISION was quick to identify the emerging lifestyle and ecology trends, and expanded its product portfolio accordingly.

Fun combined with desire is our focus – JOYDIVISION wants to encourage people to playfully engage with their body and that of their partner.
Alongside our products, JOYDIVISION greatly values the personal commitment of our employees, something which ultimately benefits both business partners and consumers. The JOYDIVISION team simply enjoy witnessing how aesthetically and tastefully designed products can bring happiness even to hitherto hesitant target groups. JOYDIVISION's mission is to help people experience greater sensuality and enjoyment.

Furthermore, JOYDIVISION dermatologically and clinically tests its products and checks that they are skin-friendly. There are permanent quality-control procedures in place, including during production. Together with excellent user-friendliness and a good price-performance ratio, these measures represent the foundation for the great levels of customer satisfaction.

JOYDIVISION – Top Class Erotic Products

The JOYDIVISION international AG has become one of the leading European manufacturers of sensual-erotic lifestyle-products since its founding in 1994. As innovative inventor of the first ever 100 % natural lubricant (BIOglide) and Europe's most popular lubricant brand (AQUAglide) JOYDIVISION made a name for itself.

The current product range comprises more than 250 sensual-erotic premium products which are being successfully sold to more than 60 countries around the globe. Next to lubricants the assortment offers hygiene articles, massage oils, love swings and special products (such as vibrators and love balls that are certified by the German Safety Inspection Authority/TÜV) and sexual devices lines. JOYDIVISION always places highest value on premium quality and German manufacturing.

JOYDIVISION is one of the few German companies, which is growing annually under its own steam. Also due to its continuous growth, JOYDIVISION is regarded as "solid and financially strong" by leading credit institutes, classed as AAA "Prime"-category - with the best rating possible!

Social and environmental commitment has been emphasised at JOYDIVISION from the first hour. From 1995 JOYDIVISION has been official sustaining member of the AIDSHILFE by UNICEF e.V. and TERRE DES HOMMES e.V. and is also active in creating traineeships and jobs.

The secret of JOYDIVISION's success is in the high-quality products attuned to the demands of the consumers, permanent development of new goods and trends as well as in the high personal commitment that is shown to all business partners.

One motto has endured at JOYDIVISION from the beginning and will remain in future:

Highest product quality and product safety at a fair price!

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