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JOYDIVISION was founded in 1994 when “The Loveswing” set a new benchmark for products of its kind and launched with such a great success that 36 major magazines reported on it. Yet until this year, it still sells in the thousand.

With a brand new latex care product, JOYDIVISION starts to expand its portfolio. 

Within the same year, JOYDIVISION opens the doors to its new office facilities with 80 m² in Hannover, Germany and starts exporting goods internationally.

Fast growth leads to fast expansion: JOYDIVISION moves into a new office and production space with now 300 m² and has its first full time employee.

The first 100% all natural lubricant BIOglide changes the lubricant industry, and is quickly well renowned and sold worldwide. 

The journey continues… First in German bedrooms and then across Europe: Soft-Tampons!  A first of its kind stringless tampon that is specifically designed to use during physical activities such as swimming  or while in the sauna, but also for hygienic love-making during menstruation. 

JOYDIVISION went online with a first internet site.

JOYDIVISION expands its office facilities again and moves to an industrial estate in Hanover with more than 2000 m².

AQUAglide is being introduced to the market. With its consecutive high global sales figures AQUAglide is today one of Europe’s most popular lubricants. 

The first TV ads and campaigns for Soft-Tampons are being broadcasted across Germany and instantly increase sales. 

JOYDIVISION markets the edible massage oil 'liebe sünde' BODYkiss, as licensee of the erotic TV-show 'liebe sünde'.

JOYDIVISION introduces two new product lines at the Venus trade fair in Berlin: the sexual agent product line EROpharm, as well as Soft-Bond-X, a more mainstream bondage set.

The comical illustrated lubricant WONDERglide is being launched supported by the well-known cartoonist and author Ralph Ruthe.

Soft-Tampons are reviewed and recommended as “genuine alternative” by Stiftung Warentest.

10 Year Anniversary of JOYDIVISION! 

Frenchkiss is launched, a lubricant line designed for fruity and playful oral pleasure.

Soft-Tampons move mainstream – they are growing in popularity and recognition across Europe.

JOYDIVISION introduces its own premium quality vibrator line called 'Joystick' and extends the warranty to 5 years.

JOYDIVISION invents and develops the ‘first on market’ Oral Trainer - the tool for effective tongue training for persevering lovers.

JOYDIVISION gets incorporated.

The adolescent JOYDIVISION Produktions- und Vertriebsgesellschaft matures into JOYDIVISION international AG. The claim “perfect Lovestyle!” is added to the logo.

Soft-Tampons have become a top seller already – in 2006 they are further developed to make removal even easier: an integrated removal loop is added.

JOYDIVISION expands its office space to more than 2500 m² - storage capacity holds up to 1000 pallets. 

Original BIOglide celebrates its 10th anniversary and BIOglide safe is added to the product line. BIOglide safe can prevent genital HPV infection according to an international in-vitro study.

With Femme Fatale JOYDIVISION puts a new promising product line onto the market and four new Joysticks join the already successful vibrator line.

With PENISEX and CLITORISEX, JOYDIVISION re-launches the successful product series of the 70’s.

Joysticks are the first German vibrators tested and certified by the Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV).

JOYDIVISION celebrates its 15th anniversary.

AQUAglide’s line is expanded with the launch of AQUAglide 2 in 1. Tested and recommended by the Alexander Institute as the best 2 in 1 product, it combines the best of lubricant and massage oil in one product.

Mini-, two-colored and prostate-vibrators expand the Joystick collection. Additionally, new anal chains are available. 

AQUAglide celebrates its 10th anniversary.

JOYDIVISION establishes Lean Production to increase efficiency, provide a better service and assure the unchanging high premium quality of its “Made in Germany” products.

The new Joystick models “micro-set” and “midi” are available. The micro-set is the first bullet vibrator with a standard AAA battery – thus much stronger vibration.

JOYDIVISION introduces the new and exciting lubricant FUNglide.

JOYDIVISION celebrates the new look of temptation. The captivating diversity of more than 250 products for sensual-erotic moments gets a more modern, distinctive and expressive design. The company claim changes to “…my Lovestyle!” 

JOYDIVISION presents the world’s most discreet loveballs: with the patent integrated loop and innovative technology inside Joyballs secret are comfortable to wear and whisper quiet. 

ERECTOmed, the new potency ring with a unique closing, completes the series of potency rings.

JOYDIVISION distributes now in over 60 different countries.

After intensive research and with the help of our female customers as well as gynecologists the Soft-Tampons present itself with a new design: for even easier insertion and removal.

More success leads to more growth: JOYDIVISION expands its office space to more than 3000 m².

As one of JOYDIVISION’s bestselling products, Joyballs secret are rewarded with the renowned Reddot Design Award, the Universal Design Award as well as the Delta Design award.

Soft-Tampons celebrate their 15th anniversary.

JOYDIVISION celebrates its 20th anniversary.

JOYDIVISION expands to the U.S. Market with its fully owned subsidiary - JOYDIVISION LLC in Atlanta, GA.

In cooperation with the BDIH, JOYDIVISION develops a new standard and seal of approval - "Natural Product - Standard approved by BDIH" specifically granted for selected medical devices meeting the demanding requirements. BIOglide is the first lubricant to carry the seal.

Furthermore BIOglide is certified to be the world’s first CO2-neutral personal lubricant.

Three more products from JOYDIVISION receive a design award: Joyballs, Joystick Findus and Joystick Sailor.

AQUAglide celebrates its 15th anniversary.



XPANDER receives several awards in the USA and Germany. EROTIX, AVN and STOREROTIKA Awards reflect the enormous success of the unique Prostate-Stimulator.

AQUAglide is tested and rated as “test winner” by the renowned German institute “test-vergleiche.com”.