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Joysticks – for intensely sensual moments!

Embark on a journey of discovery and get to know the variety of our seductive vibrators. From semi realistic vibrators through to toys with unusual designs which allow the imagination to soar - every single one of our Joysticks lets you indulge yourself, from sensual massages through to intense climaxes. The penetrating and yet very discreet vibrations can be adjusted, from gentle through to powerful. The velvety surfaces feel warm and softly smooth. Individual designs and sizes make your most secret dreams come true. Here and now is the opportunity to make your very personal selection.

As a complement to the Joysticks, we recommend a water-based lubricant, such as AQUAglide or BIOglide.

• individual design for tingling stimulation
• absolutely non-hazardous and free from plasticisers
• fully adjustable vibration, quiet and discreet
• easy to clean, e.g. with clean’n’safe
• dermatologically and clinically tested

Our Joystick manyfold

  • micro-set Gyro

  • micro-set Ladylike

  • mini Vega

  • mini Velvet

  • mini Voyage

  • midi Findus

  • midi Mr. Perfect

  • midi Florus

  • Spring

  • The Body

  • Sailor

  • Mr. Big

  • King Rocky

  • ChrisCross

  • Flic Flac

  • Fury

  • Nature Bruce

  • Prostata – Booster

  • Prostata – Booster Pro