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Lovestyle Vibrators


Frequently Asked Questions

Which quality characteristics support joysticks of JOYDIVISION?
Our joysticks are certified by TÜV as absolutely harmless and free from diluents. They are also tested by Alexander Institute Praxis.

The material of the joysticks is inodorous. In addition the joystick-models are splash water protected and consists of high quality silicon without any diluents. Thanks to its hygienic material they are simple to clean.

The use of medical and hypoallergenic silicone guaranteed an excellent skin-compatibility. This is confirmed through dermatological and clinical tests.
All Joysticks are infinitely variable, quiet, with a high vibration and therefore particularly comfortable to use.  

With a purchase of a joystick you get „Premium quality – MADE IN GERMANY!“ For that reason we give you a guarantee for the material of 5 years for all our joysticks.

Should I pay attention to anything for using Lovestyle-Joysticks?
Yes, it is nessesary to use joysticks with a water-based lubricant, AQUAglide for example.

How to clean my Joystick?
You can clean them with warm water and soap smoothly. For a hygienic claening we recommend „clean n safe“ to disinfect the joysticks in addition.

Which batteries do I need for the joysticks?
You need just two standard batteries AA (1,5 V.) for useing the joystick. For the mini- and micro-models you need two micro batteries AAA (1,5 V.) We recommend Alkaline batteries.  

Where can I get the joystick-bags for keeping?
With every joystick you have a joystick-bag  thrown in to protect it from dust and from the view of others.