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The first seal of approval for medical devices

Up until now, there has been no certification mark for natural medical devices such as lubricants. This is why in January 2014 the BDiH (German Association of Industri- al and Commercial Enterprises for Medicines, Health Store Food, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics) developed the „Natural Product Standard“. This standard is intended to be a reliable distinctive feature for the consumer. It is based on experiences that have been gathered by the BDiH with the Standard for Controlled Natural Cosmetics.

A product with the new seal „Natural Product – Standard approved by BDiH“ offers a guarantee that the product is natural. This standard now also enables product groups such as medical devices, medicinal products and consumer goods to demonstrate their natural quality.

To create the new seal, the requirements in terms of raw materials and manufacturing methods were stipulated in a standard. The possibilities of environmentally friendly ma- nufacture and the basic principles of sustainable economic activity are given particular consideration here.

BIOglide is now the first medical device, following thorough testing, to be allowed to officially bear the Natural Product seal of approval.

Sustainability thanks to positive ecobalance

Responsible consumer culture can also be practised in the world‘s „most enjoyable pastime“. The overwhelming majority of adult products originate in the Far East. This is why the company JOYDIVISION deliberately chooses to manufacture in Germany, which means short transport routes and maintenance of the economic location for Germany.


Sustainable trading and a voluntary commitment to preservation of the climate are a matter of course for JOYDIVISION. Unavoidable CO2 emissions from manufacturing and transport are compensated by a climate protection project in Bolivia.
JOYDIVISION is investing there in the reforestation of native species of trees with an added social and ecological benefit. This benefits not only the climate, but also the biodiversity and the local people.

›› Project ArBolivia

BIOglide safe with carrageenan offers protection from cervical cancer

BIOglide safe consists of Carrageenan, an extract from rich marine algae, an abundantly renewable ingredient with amazing potential health benefits. Besides its extraordinary thickening abilities, Carrageenan was found to be active against the range of common sexually transmitted Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) types. Passed on during intercourse, HPV can result in cervix cancer and genital warts. Laboratory analysis revealed that carrageen inhibits the docking of the virus to the human cells!cancer and genital warts. Laboratory analysis revealed that carrageenan inhibits the docking of the virus to the human cells!

Those scientific findings were discovered by the research group of Dr. Schiller at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland (USA). Carrageenan was found to be a hundred times more effective than any other inhibitor, as it functions as a “natural barrier” against the virus. Commonly known as microbicide, it inhibits the infection of the vaginal mucosa with the sexually transmitted HPV.

What are HP viruses?

Over 100 different subgroups of the virus exist. Roughly 40 types can trigger an infection of the skin and mucous membrane cells in the genital area and result in cervical cancer, for example. Condoms are only partially effective in preventing the transmission of HPV infections.

BIOglide safe:

• offers protection from cervical cancer
• highly effective, with a little going a long way
• suitable for use with condoms
• suitable for oral sex
• support the use of toys

Even in combination with Nonoxynol-9-containing (spermicidal) products, which are known to irritate the mucosa, carrageenan showed its beneficial effect. The research group of Schiller states, that the use of carrageenan-containing lubricants could be very supportive and beneficial in the fight against cervix cancer. Because these studies were not performed on humans, additional testing will be required to determine the blocking potential in real world situations. The promising potential of carrageen is currently further investigated in various ongoing clinical studies.

The many benefits of BIOglide safe:

• natural ingredients, natural pleasure: 100 % natural + vegan lubricant
• Natural Product Standard approved by BDiH
• dermatologically and clinically tested
• BIOglide is CO2-neutral realized
• Medical Product class 1
• without animal testing

Available in the following varieties:

scentless and tasteless,
100 ml, Art.-Nr. 11053