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Anal–Sex 1 x 1


With plenty of tenderness and sensitivity, anal eroticism can become a special way of enriching your love life. A completely new sexual experience with maximum pleasure awaits you once you have overcome your inhibitions. We recommend that you follow our tips so that you can fully enjoy your new found pleasure.


Anal introduction tips:


Step 1)                 Anal sex fun starts with hygiene. We recommend using an intimate douche. However, no matter how intensive the cleaning, never alternate between vaginal and anal intercourse. This can trigger infections in the vagina!


Step 2)                 Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce any lubrication. So use a lubricant. There are lots to choose from, but preferably easyANAL.


Step 3)                 Start by penetrating with a well lubricated finger. If your partner is enjoying the game, you can carefully carry on. The sphincter will relax more and more.


Step 4)                 Now you can experience the finale. Carefully insert the penis, dildo or vibrator using lots of lubricant. Avoid positions where you can thrust too powerfully. We recommend the spoon position to start with. Be sure to always be tender and gentle.


So now you have everything you need to know to experience the special pleasure of anal sex. Men report unique, powerful climaxes and lots of women say that they experience multiple orgasms like never before when they simultaneously stimulate their vagina with a vibrator. Anal sex is a lustful pleasure that men and women simply have to experience!