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Bon appetit mon amour!

Mmmm... I want more! Once you start using Frenchkiss, you'll never want to stop. The gel has so far impressed every connoisseur seeking to make oral sex an especially delicious pleasure. The discreetly fruity flavour, combined with the pleasant fragrance of raspberries, strawberries, or lemons, is so irresistibly good that no woman, and thus no man, can resist it. There are many types of playfully sensual seduction - and Frenchkiss makes them especially exquisite.

The many advantages of Frenchkiss:

• approved as a medical-grade product
• subject to constant quality control
• pH-optimised
• features long-lasting lubricating properties
• is highly effective, with a little going a long way
• suitable for use with condoms
• water-soluble and fat-free
• ideal for oral intercourse
• subject to regular medical and dermatological testing
• available from chemists, well-stocked erotic retailers, and via the Internet

Available in the following varieties:

Frenchkiss Strawberry
medical-grade lubricant
with strawberry aroma
75 ml, Art. No. 11891

Frenchkiss Lemon
medical-grade lubricant
with lemon aroma
75 ml, Art. No. 11892

Frenchkiss Raspberry
medical-grade lubricant
with raspberry aroma
75 ml, Art. No. 11893 NEW