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You don’t need a glass but maybe some ice cubes. It’s already sparkling much longer than you could ever drink. Whether you’re enjoying Sex on the Beach, a Strawberry Prosecco or the Raspberry Daiquiri – you won’t have to wait long for the effect to come your way.

FUNglide – enjoying a cocktail couldn’t be more fun! Indulgence for the senses served on naked skin. FUNglide cocktails will take smell, taste, touch and capture on a whole new dimension.

The many advantages of FUNglide:

  • under continuous quality control
  • skin-friendly (extra sensitive)
  • oral sex compatible
  • pH-optimized
  • condom compatible
  • water soluble and greaseless
  • available from chemists, well-stocked erotic retailers, and via the Internet


Available in the following varieties:

FUNglide, Sex on the Beach
with Grenadine Extract
120 ml; Art. No. 11811
FUNglide, Strawberry Prosecco
with Prosecco Extract
120 ml; Art. No. 11812
FUNglide, Raspberry Daiquiri
with Himbeer Extract
120 ml; Art. No 11813