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In the mood for sinning.

The right flavour for every mood - BODYkiss is addictive! Once you've used this fluid during your lovemaking, you'll always want more. Be it stimulating, calming, sensual, refreshing, invigorating, aphrodisiacal, or seductive - the different Fragrances will transport you into different states of emotion. The pure almond oil and Vitamin E provide particularly intensive care for the skin, a pleasing side-effect. The liquid is also free of sugar. Try the different sinfully delicious flavours out, one after the other.

The many advantages of BODYkiss:

• pure massage pleasure for both partners
• food-grade and sugar-free
• velvety-soft skin feel
• highly effective, with a little going a long way
• dermatologically and clinically tested
• subject to constant quality control

Available in the following varieties:

BODYkiss wild cherry aroma
100 ml, Art. No. 14234

BODYkiss vanilla Aroma
100 ml, Art. No. 14244

BODYkiss coconut aroma
100 ml, Art. No. 14254

BODYkiss strawberry aroma
100 ml, Art. No. 14264