Joyballs out of body-safe and most skin-friendly Silikomed® can be inserted without the slightest effort. Due to their soft but perceptible movements, Joyballs can provide tremendous pleasure when used. They train the vaginal muscles to increase control and intensity when making love.

Ball diameter: approx. 3,5 cm, Weight: 83 g

Available in the following varieties:

Joyballs, black, Art. No. 15031
Joyballs, red, Art. No. 15032
Joyballs, pink, Art. No. 15033

Joyballs, violet, Art. No. 15034
Joyballs, rose, Art. No. 15035
Joyballs, mint, Art. No. 15036
Joyballs, light blue, Art. No. 15037
Joyballs, green, Art. No. 15038